Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is an ancient massage technique that focuses on massaging the male genitalia.

It’s good to understand that although a Lingam Massage can be sensual and pleasurable, it’s certainly not necessarily only sexual, although an erection, ejaculation or orgasm may occur.

This massage is performed by using many different relaxation and stimulating techniques. The therapist makes use of hands to awaken the sleeping sexual energy in the male genitalia and help it flow throughout the body.

During the session, your body will be all aroused and sensitized.

As a traditional therapeutic massage, it’s benefits range from addressing and healing fertility problems and sexual traumas, premature ejaculation, experiencing ones sacred sexuality, improving libido, relief of stress, depression or anxiety.

Benefits of Lingam Massage:

  • Increased potency and erection time;
  • Control of premature ejaculation;
  • Dissolve the locks;
  • Significant increases in hormone production and release;
  • Greater body awareness;
  • Higher levels of pleasure;
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