Hot Oil

This therapy is perfect for healing dry, cracked and aging skin, reducing scarification & wrinkles, stretch marks etc.

It is an ideal mollifying treatments for helping retain skin elasticity & regeneration of skin cells as well as soothing irritated skin conditions, itching & inflammation.

Hot oil massage to the body is thought to have the following restorative qualities:

  • It increases suppleness of muscles and also impart flexibility.
  • It enhances muscle and bone strength and can tone and tighten the muscles.
  • It can improve eyesight.
  • It helps in relaxation and may aid restful sleep.
  • It can help improve blood circulation in the body and therefore enhance the functioning of the body’s organs owing to improvement of the quality of blood supplied to them.
  • It can help to enhance immunity for the person, making them better able to withstand infection and disease.

This is ideal for clients who are active and looking to stay fit and injury-free.

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