4 Hands Massage

As the name implies a four handed massage is performed with four hands or two massage therapists. The session is carried out in synchronisation and give you double the benefits.

While having two sets of hands working on your body, your brain isn’t able to keep up with every motion that’s going on. This means you will be more relaxed because there’s nothing to stress over or think about.

This extra relaxation will let your muscles feel all the benefits of the massage.

What are the benefits:

Since this type of massage is combining different massage techniques, that means more benefits.

  • It eases muscle pain by using an arrangement of pressure point work and deep tissue techniques.
  • The concentration of the movements helps blood circulation which breaks down build up.
  • It offers your entire body an amazing and enjoyable experience.

A four hands massage session will include slow and long sweeping movements that will be used to relax the body.

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